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What Makes GeneratePress Theme Best

Top Reasons To Choose the GeneratePress Theme Over the Other Options

The GeneratePress theme is a supercharged sales and traffic estimating tool for WordPress-powered websites. It helps the website owner in many ways to optimize his/her site and increase the website traffic count. This is the reason why the GeneratePress Premium plugin is best for any kind of website. Let us see how the GeneratePress premium plugin helps in increasing the website traffic and generate more revenue for you:

Edit The Fields

* With GeneratePress premium the user has the ability to edit all the fields on the templates which can be used for creating the theme. You don’t have to hire an artist to design your site for you. You can do all the designing yourself. In the free version, only the Title field is editable, while in the premium version you have complete control over the Title, Description, Logo, and Colors fields.

Change the Color

* With GeneratePress premium you get the ability to change the color of your links. It gives you the opportunity to change the colors of your links as per your choice. For changing the background of your web pages just login to the cPanel of your GeneratePress theme. Changing the header of your site’s just login to the same cPanel. For changing the footer of your site’s just Login to the same cPanel.

Different Customization Options

* There are many different customization options available in the free version of the theme. In the free version, you can customize the Pre-built-ins and you can also use the Customizable Fonts option for customization options. The free version does not have any search engine optimization feature. The generator doesn’t understand the importance of the Meta tags in the search engines. Even if the theme has the perfect setup for Search Engine Optimization the generated page might not appear on the first page of the SERPs.

Use Advance Customizer to change the Look

* You can use the standard WordPress menu plus the Advanced Customizer to customize the look of your site. You can customize the theme with the help of the menus. The standard WordPress menu plus the Advanced Customizer will help you customize the look of your site effectively. If you want you can use the plugins for the customization of the theme.

Drow Back of the Free Version

* The free version of the plugin will give you limited customization options with regards to the column’s size, font size, etc. The free version does not have any support for the translation of foreign files. The advanced version of the theme comes along with extensive documentation for the customization of the codes. Even the third-party theme developers use the generated code extensively for the customization of their products. You can even find the code used by thousands of other companies in the marketplace. The generators do not have any limitations when it comes to the usage of the codes.

* There are certain common problems related to the free version of the theme. First of all the free version does not support the shopping cart plugin. In order to use the shopping cart, you have to use the premium version. There are also some security issues. You cannot use the code for login and password creation.

Use Third-Party Builders with GeneratePress

* The third-party builders use the standard WordPress engine. They try to change the behavior of the Engine and the result is that the generated websites are different from the standard WordPress. You have to use the premium version of the theme builder to properly customize the behavior of the generator. You cannot use the standard version for the customizations. * The Elementor theme engine supports MySQL and the PHP engines. It offers an unlimited sites option which can be useful for multiple sites. However, it can only be activated once. The cost for activating the Elementor theme engine is almost half the cost of the basic WordPress and it has unlimited themes. The customer support provided is less than the other options. There is no help available for the customization of the codes.

How You Use Maximum Features in GeneratePress

* The standard version of the GeneratePress themes does not support the customizing of the page size. The feature has been included in the free version only to enable the customer to customize the theme on the basis of their own custom requirements. The Elementor theme provides various options for the page size and the font size. When you customize the page size then you are unable to change the font size or the theme color. Even the usage of JavaScript is prohibited.

* The most important advantage of the GeneratePress theme is that it has the ability to save a considerable amount of money on the creation of the website. The customization of the pages with the help of the GeneratePresstheme is much cheaper than the other options. However, the Elementor review takes a long time to conduct the comparison. A good thing to keep in mind is that the free version of the GeneratePress theme is relatively user-friendly and you do not need any technical knowledge to start using it.

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