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We are supporters of the open source community and feel that WordPress should be freely available to everyone. Unfortunately, premium plugin and theme authors refuse to divorce support from the code, refuse to set regional price variances, and rarely offer discounts to students, low-wage workers, or young people. We offer a third option by sharing the code without any unnecessary add-ons.

The GNU General Public License applies to all WordPress goods, including plugins and themes (GPL). This means that once we have purchased an item, we have the option to redistribute it. Your site membership helps us maintain and purchase subscriptions from third-party theme and plugin authors. This type of crowdsourcing allows us to keep pricing low, which we can then pass on to you. More information can be found on our 'about us page.

Yes, without a doubt. All of the authors of the products advertised on our website have valid memberships. We obtain information from them and re-distribute it to you. Except for a few programmes that require activation before use, the files are unaltered in any manner. A remark is included in the product description for such items.

Professional assistance with any technical issues. The cost of support is already included in the pricing. Our technical support team is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and the average response time is 24 hours. The Support Policy should be read.

Yes. We go grab the update from the author and update it on our site as soon as we are aware of it. You can also check out our changelog page to see what we've been up to lately.

Do not pay attention to it. These are included by developers so that the plugin or theme may automatically update, you can register for support, and in some circumstances, you can import premium templates (which is not needed by majority of users). The item will function normally even if no data is entered into the box. When updates become available on our site, we recommend manually updating your theme/plugins.

Yes, we have lately had to implement download limits owing to an increase in the number of leachers. Users with a monthly budget membership can download up to 5 per day. Users with a monthly membership get access to 15 downloads per day. Monthly downloads of 300 items are available to members of the Popular Membership. Semi-Annual Members have access to 25 downloads each day. Users with a yearly membership have access to 35 downloads each day. You should choose our special reseller's plan if you wish to resale our items or download an infinite number of products per day.

Consider using a plugin like "Disable Admin Notices individually" to hide the license activation reminders. This plugin is free and widely used in the WordPress community. For additional details, make sure to consult the official documentation!

We are unable and unwilling to offer, lease, distribute, or resell license keys. The GNU GPL License applies to all of the items available on this website. You do not require any licensing keys in order to utilize them in as many projects as you require. To receive automatic updates or assistance from their authors, these plugins and themes simply require license keys.

Your daily download allowance is shown by the remaining credits. That implies that if you have 30 credits left, you can download 30 different things from our website that day. Every day, this credit is automatically renewed. This credit system was implemented to discourage bulk downloading and leeching.

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Product Related Quarries?

No, leeching, reselling, or stacking our products is not something we encourage. Any account found to be in violation of our terms and conditions / fair usage policy will be immediately banned. Please consider joining our SPECIAL PLAN MONTHLY membership plan if you desire to do so.

In cases when our membership with the original developer has ended and we have no intention of renewing it for any reason. You will not see an updated version of the product in this scenario. We are unable to provide future updates to Element Envato products if the developer has withdrawn the product from Element Envato. We do occasionally delete items from our shop due to trademark problems or DMCA notices.

No, even if your membership expires, you will be able to utilise the items. Though downloads and updates will be unavailable, any plugins or themes that have already been installed will continue to function in your websites.

You may have as many as you want. The plugins and themes are GPL licenced, which means you can use them on as many sites as you like. Do you have a buddy who is working on a website? Please pass them on to a friend. There are no strings attached.

Yes, The amount of requests we receive for that item/s determines whether or not we purchase it. The availability of items is subject to change without notice. You can visit our Product request Page:


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